A tendril of dark hair fell across Kyroth Dune’s forehead as he nodded. “Surrender to me and we’ll resolve this another way. We’re the two most powerful arcane acolytes in the galaxy. We can decide the future of the Balance between ourselves.”

Resolve this… Aura couldn’t understand what he meant, but the shard of his mind embedded within hers throbbed with wanting. It wasn’t the first time she’d sensed this longing from Kyroth as he gazed at her, his hunger flickering through her mind like the shadows of flames. But that had only been when she’d seen illusions of him, never once like this, as their bodies were mere inches apart.

“Auriel Starbranch.” It was torture to hear his low voice speak her name. Perhaps it was only another ruse, but she thought she could feel the warmth radiating from his body as his broad shoulders shielded her from the onshore wind. “I came here for you, and you alone. Surrender to me.”

“And let you take me to your master?” she answered quietly. “Never!”

His eyes didn’t leave hers as he shook his head. “Just you. Just me.”

Kyroth readjusted his grip on the wristbinders, pressing a button to snap them open, and she shifted, subtly clenching her knees together in defiance of the throbbing at the apex of her thighs. To her surprise, the metal cuffs had been lined with a cream satin material, lending them a strange delicacy as they stood ready to embrace her.

“One way or another, you’re leaving here with me, Aura. Choose your next moves wisely.”

The Grey Wedding


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