“No!” Cordelia tore her wrist out of Elturan’s grip a moment too late, shuddering as the tip of his finger grazed the ornate, glowing tattoo on the inside of her wrist. The brief touch made the glamour recede like mist — and for a moment her desire for him came howling to the surface of her mind, threatening to overtake her completely. 


Longing blazed through her like a tempest, and she gasped as her nipples stiffened beneath the neat white shirt of her uniform. Ancient gods, save me from myself!


Then her wrist was free of his grasp again, and Cordelia leapt to her feet. The idea that Elturan had — even for the briefest of moments — sensed all that she felt for him was just too much. She skidded toward the cage door, sprinting for the safety of the library proper and her dorm room far beyond.


The cage door snapped shut before her as though shoved by invisible hands, and Cordelia slammed bodily into the metal gridwork, her last vestiges of sense drowning in panic. She spun around to find her companion on his feet, his right arm extended toward the door.

He pushed it. Cordelia spun her fingers, instinctively starting to conjure a protective sphere. He’s locked us in here together!

Ravished in the Restricted Section


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