Wartime romance novel Alliance by Elegy Goldsmith

Alliance (2020) is the first volume of THE KHTHONIAD, a gritty New Adult trilogy that combines fantasy, Steampunk, and romance elements.


Khthonia Fern’s journey from scullery maid to military hero continues in The Troublemakers (2021).

After ten years as a scullery maid, Khthonia Fern’s dreams are finally about to come true.

Sure, becoming a princess might not be as exciting as the dreams she had as a child — of traveling throughout the four kingdoms of Char and exploring barbarian lands at the edges of the map — but it’s better than catering to her stepfamily’s whims, better than the constant, backbreaking work and cruel nicknames like “Ashes.”

When Prince Daschen comes of age and names his bride, Khthonia knows he’ll choose her.

Yet Khthonia’s hopes for a happily ever after with Daschen are unexpectedly destroyed by his betrothal to Princess Embla — doubly so when the princess is kidnapped that very night, and Daschen is charged with her safe return. In order to save her sweet but naive love from the horrors that lie outside their forest home, Khthonia must resurrect skills learned from her swordmaster father and go rogue to rescue Princess Embla herself.

Accompanied by eccentric bounty hunter Raz, Khthonia’s voyage will take her into a world of wide open seas and barren deserts, of eldritch clockwork machines and crystalline devices with mysterious origins — a world where she must take a stand against a centuries-old conspiracy, or risk untold lives and the freedom of everyone she’s ever loved.