Beyond Light

“Goddamn you’re beautiful when you’re terrified,” he breathes, entranced.

Penny's heart thuds a tattoo of shock amid the silence. Icy revulsion slithers through her, but it’s quickly seared away by the sick longing that heats the secret place between her legs at the thought of surrendering herself to Rohan.

It should be unfathomable, trading herself away to him to be used for his perverse pleasures — but the insides of her thighs slip against each other, slick with hunger as she imagines him rutting inside her and debasing her.

Her fingers tremble against his lapels as she considers her options. How can she want this?

She should try to fight back. Retreat, make contact with Oliver’s friends. They might have connections — a politician, a district attorney maybe. Someone with actual power, not a self-taught engie from the middle of nowhere.

She should.

Beyond Dark (1).jpg

The girl wasn’t part of Rohan’s briefing. Whoever she is, no one from his team expected her to be here tonight, either — and yet she’s completely tunnel-visioned, oblivious to the splendor and peril of Adria’s underground bar.

The impulse to put her over his lap and spank her into paying attention is knee-jerk, but he shakes it aside as his cock starts to stiffen. Smile or no smile, this isn’t the time or the place for such thoughts.