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“Those eyes … I’d seen plenty of men that might’ve been more classically good-looking, but never had I encountered the sort of ferocious gaze that Duster Man was giving me right now. The force of it pinned my feet to the ground, immobilizing me where I stood.”

The last thing Hesper Fane imagined she’d be at 26 is a grad school dropout, moving back in with her mother to take a job as a janitor in coastal Maine. Little does she know these seemingly ignominious factors are putting her on a collision course with mysterious astronomer Altair, whose blazing black eyes and cryptic demeanor hide a secret as large as Hesper’s imagination itself.

Hesper’s journey in the wilderness of Ragged Mountain and the Lovecraftian island hidden beyond will test her life, her soul, and her sanity as Altair draws her further into his world, forcing her to face the ultimate, terrifying question: how far would you go to be with the person you love?

"It has been quite a long time since I have read something that drew me in so deeply… I mean, come on, when is the is the last time you read about Lovecraftian-esque characters and universes, presented in such an erudite manner? Humor, wit, and diction that I can only describe as “word porn” are the foundation blocks of this novel.

"Goldsmith’s gift for imagery is astounding, and my ship of Hesper and Altair was so massive that it put the Black Pearl to shame. He makes literary references of my favorite books and authors (He loves Lovecraft and Neal Stephenson!) Oh, and don’t forget the steamy sex scenes. My glasses fogged right up!"


—A.P. Bullard, Triskele Reviews

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