Kinky BDSM kiromance light novel Knots by Elegy Goldsmith kinbaku shibari

There’s a word for the thing I’d secretly been all my life: kinky.

It was a dark word. A scary word. A word that spoke of pain and tears and blood … but I had no idea what it really meant. Nor how it would change my life.

I thought I was a freak, until I met Singe Remington, a dark-eyed dominant who seemed just as shy and geeky as me, and he offered to train me as his submissive.

Hang with me and I’ll tell you my story — the story of Violet Snow, an introverted gamer who became a willing and eager slut for the man I trusted. I’ll tell you about the Electric Teahouse, a dungeon that’s hidden away in the woods, home to all sorts of perversions. I’ll tell you about the man who broke me, and how BDSM taught me to be whole.

Like Singe told me: I can’t guarantee you happily ever after, but I can guarantee I’ll help you see what BDSM is really like.

Ready to open your eyes?

A sex—positive love story about BDSM, KNOTS is coming in 2020.