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Cancer & more. But in, like, a hot way

Hey there, sexy Internet — long time no see!

Typing’s become a bit tricky since February, so I’ll try to keep this brief so my arm can get some relief and you can get back to your Friday smut ASAP 😘

As might be pretty obvious from my previous post and subsequent swamp creature-esque disappearance from the ‘net, that CT scan and the subsequent biopsy didn’t have the greatest of news for me. Guess who has two thumbs up and a rare, aggressive form of soft tissue cancer? This human!

Now that I’m about halfway through the woods, I’ve still got time to hit my original goal of publishing the Jupiter Library stories before the end of the year. I probably won’t have the physical or mental bandwidth to get to Alliance until spring 2020, but hey, one thing at a time.

There are two reasons I’m reasonably sure I can keep to that publishing schedule in the midst of getting flayed open in the name of science. First, the stories themselves are pretty much done; I had to write one of them longhand (like this post — retro!) but done is done. Well, mostly.

Second, the biggest obstacle for me has always been cover art. Finding the balance between time (if you’re doing them yourself) / cost (if you’re paying someone else to do it), quality, and straight-up feasibility stumped me for a long time.

But now … boom! Feast your faceballs:

So in the words of Ellie Arroway, I’m okay to go!

I always make such elaborate plans, and then things like cancer come along to play tiddlywinks with ‘em. I’m really hoping to get the first light novel of my planned BDSM series Knots out in time for Galentine’s Day 2020, but a lot’s going to depend on my upcoming surgery and the months of recovery. Bleh.

At any rate, that’s hnow things stand — so it’s time for both of us to get back to the ol’ fap fuel! I’ll post updates on Twitter and Facebook about story drops, but be sure to hit me up if you have questions/ comments/ dank memes. And if you like a story I’ve written, please do leave me a review on Amazon/ Goodreads/ wherever so other folks will check it out, too!

Thanks for reading, and all the best, my darlings 🖤



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