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Love, Your Fairy Kinkmother

Holy hotness, Batman, that was one hell of a Saturday night!! Ya bissh is back in full force when it comes to IRL kinkery 💋

First off, a little business (but it’s all smut- and sex-related, I promise). I got that I’ll Show You Mine chapter update posted, and while all the comments on AO3 are AMAZING (and I still feel like I don’t deserve this much love for being your friendly neighborhood smut purveyor!), the one that made me howl with laughter was this gif:


BrazenHussy, ily — and if you haven’t gotten in on the transformative pervitude yet, there are five chapters up, which is enough to get elbow-deep. 😖

Of course, now I’m in the same position re: the Craving Kylo Chapter 10 super-sploosh extravaganza, but hey, that’s what serialized smut is all about!

Now to my pervy life…


I wasn’t going to play on Saturday night, I swear it. If you’re new to kinky (welcome!) play here means negotiating and participating in a BDSM scene, which is essentially the activities you’re going to engage in, location thereof, etc.

I’d been distracted last week with AO3 writing, the demon hellspawn app Tinder (which can fuck right the fuck off, no more ‘nilla dating stuff for me!), and the thereby-default-nicknamed TinderBoi (whom I still have yet to meet due to Legit Reasons, & is either a catfish a la summer 2018 or a complete nerdy sweetheart marshmallow — obvi I’m planning for former, but perhaps gullibly suspecting the latter), so even looking back at the length of this paragraph you can tell Elegy’s brainpan was fu-ull.

But you’ve gotta make time for family — and when it comes to kink, I have one of the best 💜

Every poly person does things in their own particular idiom, but Master and I just have one core rule: no running off and leaving each other. Everything else is on our own recognizance, which is wonderful because other than the requisite needs for sexual safety and open communication, it means we get to live our lives pretty much free of limits.

In the wider context of our poly squad, we have Master (my hb/ owner/ bff), his play partner Cat, and her fiance Mouse (Cat + Mouse = “the kittens” to us, in part because I think we’ve got 5 cats between the 4 of us). Master and Cat have been playing together for the past couple of years, and though we’ve all been hanging out for movie night, dinner, etc. for about that same length of time, I only accepted an offer to observe them playing a year ago.

And that night is really where I have to start, because if not for Master and Cat, I don’t know as though I would’ve ever discovered my love of rope.

I knew that I adored pictures of [kinbaku/ shibari/ ropework/ your term here] ever since I discovered my love of kink, but even though I’d badgered Master into buying some rope at one point, I’d been counting on him to learn on his own. Since he’s a busy dude with a job and a life and all that goodness, that didn’t happen — and by the time he asked if he and Cat could use it, I was (unsuccessfully) looking for another partner rope-wise and didn’t mind.

One year later, I wasn’t sure exactly how I might fit into Master and Cat’s preëxisting dynamic — but knowing that Master’s always wanted to co-top someone together (in the top-vs-bottom sense), I agreed to sit on the sidelines and cheer him on like Salacious Crumb.


(N.B.: This is an extra fitting analogy as Master has a signature move that he calls “Jabba tongue” and involves licking a particular part of the body that one would not normally suspect, but I digress.)

Everything was going as planned until Master was rigging under-bed restraints to keep Cat facedown, spread-eagled on the bed (good times, y’all), and while he was tying her wrists, the ankle cuff nearest to where I was sitting began to come loose.

From the sub side of things, I know how frustrating this can be. All you want is to be held down nice and tight so you can flail all you want and it won’t do a damn thing; although a knot coming loose isn’t a total letdown, it can definitely take you out of the moment.

But Master hadn’t even noticed yet — and I felt a sudden sense of agro-ness. Since we’d already worked out the scene I knew that I was welcome to jump in, and at that moment it wasn’t even that I wanted to help, I needed to.

The knot was wrong and I had to fix it.

Smol Elegy did not exactly grow up in the best circumstances, but one of my parents (the abusive one, fun fact! People are complicated AF) knew how to write the hell out of a scholarship application. So for a few summers in my late adolescence, I got chucked into a boat and shoved out to sea.


On days when the weather was too crappy to take us out, the camp counselors would either send us on downtown scavenger hunts like herds of hyperactive porgs, or we’d watch uplifting movies like White Squall and practice tying knots. So even though I hadn’t really practiced tying knots myself in years, when Master and Cat’s scene came around, ya girl was ready.

Of course, that was a big herp-dee-derp moment for me in learning that sometimes the things we think we want done to ourselves are the things we wanna do to other people, and then the ground opened up and swallowed me because clearly no one had ever had that earthshaking notion before.


Ok, all except the last thing, lel.

Saturday night was the first time I’ve done any ropework in a long time, probably since before I got diagnosed with cancer. In the meantime I’d morphed into what a dear mostly-vanilla pal called her fairy kinkmother, staying hands-off but dispensing advice like no, don’t let your boyfriend tie you up with paracord, here’s what you need to get instead.

Throughout Saturday afternoon Master kept reminding me that I was welcome to participate in the planned scene involving him and Cat (in part for Mouse’s viewing enjoyment), certainly rope-wise if nothing else, but I kept saying no.

Until he told me how he was planning to hogtie Cat … and suddenly Domme Elegy was out in full force, bringing up pages from my absolute fave site The Duchy to show him how to get where he needed to go. Hogtying your beloved submissive is one thing, but if you want to have her hogtied and have access to her ladybits with fingers, toys, and face, a slightly different setup is required.

And for the first time in fuck-knows-how-many months, I cracked open my pot of rope (don’t judge where I keep my business, y’all!) and threw a double column on my legs just to see if I could manage it. In all my worrying, I’d forgotten how these knots are designed to hold tension but come apart easily — and with Master beside me to be a spare set of hands, I could do this again.

Few things are more satisfying than finding your way back to something you truly love — but tbh, consensually tying up a beautiful woman, mocking her for her inability to escape, and holding her ankle tracers like marionette strings while your husband fucks her, she claws his back, and her partner cheers from the sidelines has gotta be pretty heckn close 💞💞

So all in all, I guess you could say a satisfying weekend night was had by all 😉


Elegy, aka your fairy kinkmother (play safe, lovelies!)

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