Ravished in the Restricted Section

TW: BDSM (bondage, domination, sadism, masochism), confinement, mind control, consensual nonconsent (CNC), loss of virginity, possession, mutual obsession

The white mouse ran over Cordelia’s fingers, a furry prisoner. She could feel tiny breaths gusting from its pink nose as it sniffed her, looking for a way out of the jail of her cupped palms. She took a breath and stared at the creature, focusing on it with all the willpower she could spare.


Sit. Stay.


Her heart felt like it was crumpling in her chest as the mouse hesitated only a moment before resuming its attempts to escape. Mind control was something most on Earth only fantasized about — but then, nearly everything about Shadowhill Academy for the Arcane Sciences seemed straight out of Cordelia’s wildest dreams. Magic, interdimensional travel, the longstanding war between the civilized nexus cities and the lawless wizards of the borderlands … even after five years of advanced study here, Cordelia sometimes thought she must be back on Earth in a coma, dreaming it all up.


The grey-skinned man sitting opposite Cordelia heaved a disappointed sigh, and she stared at the mouse even harder, relieved to have some pretense to avoid meeting his gaze. Pentoshis were empathic, and the glamour she’d cast to disguise her true feelings was draining her wellspring of energy more than she’d expected. Mind control was an advanced skill, one that took some alchemysts years to achieve — but Professor Darcelsius was known throughout the years for failing students that hadn’t mastered its principles by the conclusion of their sixth year. Time was like a noose growing tight around Cordelia’s neck.


If I haven’t gotten the hang of it by now, I definitely can’t expect to in the next week, Cordelia thought miserably, still avoiding her companion’s gaze. 


Being assigned to practice with Elturan should’ve been her wildest fantasy come true, but it was fast devolving into a nightmare. The mere sight of him was torture; for five years she’d loved him from a distance, too shy to even speak a single word to him beyond what was required in classes. Now he was so close that his scent of rainwater and ancient rock filled her nose — and the weight of all those years of unspoken desires was too much to be borne. The terror that her defensive glamour might slip overwhelmed nearly every other thought in her head.


Besides, any sort of intimate contact was prohibited at the Academy. Though Cordelia knew it was a rule most of the other students flaunted without batting an eye, she’d never risk being expelled, or causing anyone else to be thrown out of the school, for something as coarse as a fuck. It was more owing to her own shyness that she’d never spoken to the alien man, but fear of expulsion was the excuse she’d always made for keeping to herself.


I can’t let Elturan know how much I want him. Cordelia pressed her lips together, forcing back more thoughts of self-reproach, and flicked her wrist. The white mouse shivered and then appeared to melt, transforming back into the milky kryos crystal that Cordelia always carried on her leather spellbelt. The simple transmogrification spell didn’t usually take much concentration, but she slumped, sapped from the simple effort of balancing both it and the glamour simultaneously.


“What’s wrong?” 


The sharpness of Elturan’s tone compelled Cordelia to look up, and her breath caught in her throat as their gazes met. His eyes were charcoal-dark, gleaming at her with the intensity of ancient obsidian. His skin was more like grey-veined marble than flesh, his hair as dark and glossy as raven’s wings. His refined, elegant features, angular body, and sharp cheekbones made him look like an angel of living stone — and her heart thudded as he narrowed his eyes, the very force of his attention seeming to pin her to the spot.


Cordelia shook her head, her breaths so shallow that she felt like she was panting. She wanted to look away from Elturan, but his gaze held hers like a magnet. “I can’t do it. I’m not strong enough.”


His expression was unreadable. “I’ve seen you practicing with Tana — you clearly have the skill.”

He’s been watching me? Surprise almost made her lose her grip on the glamour — but she could feel it there in her mind, separating them like a veil, and she steadied the spell just before it dissolved. 


Her heart hammered sickeningly. That was a close one. Focus, Cordy!


Elturan narrowed his eyes even more, studying the empty air between them. “It's like something’s draining your mana faster than it should.” Cordelia glanced away just in time, but she could feel him staring at her with that unfairly stunning gaze of his. “Are you ill?”


Cordelia glowered at the cage that enclosed the Restricted Section around them, its slender metal frame luminous with the force of layered defensive spells. Each dormitory house had its own secret copy of the master key, passed down through generations of students; the cage was one of very few places on campus students could sneak out to practice magic after hours without being detected.


Tonight the Restricted Section had been mercifully deserted save for them — the stuff of Cordelia’s daydreams for years — but in all her fantasies she’d been competent and self-possessed, not this chaotic storm of barely-contained longing.


Tears of humiliation stung her eyes. Why does he have to be so handsome? I can’t even think straight around him!


“I-I’m sorry,” she managed softly.


Elturan’s dark eyes smoldered at Cordelia as if trying to pierce her to her core. For a few moments it was so silent that she could actually hear the defensive spells murmuring through the ribs of the iron cage that surrounded them.


“There’s something…” The Pentoshi man gently caught her left wrist in his elegant fingers and started to work the three silver clasps of the leather bracer that covered her Sourcemark. “Let me check your aura, maybe I can help.”


For a moment Cordelia was too stunned to move, but then realization flooded through her veins like icewater. The glamour! If Elturan touched her Sourcemark, the core of her power, he’d be able to read every phrase of the defensive spell.


“No!” Cordelia tore her wrist out of Elturan’s grip a moment too late, shuddering as the tip of his finger grazed the ornate, glowing tattoo on the inside of her wrist. The brief touch made the glamour recede like mist — and for a moment her desire for him came howling to the surface of her mind, threatening to overtake her completely. 


Longing blazed through her like a tempest, and she gasped as her nipples stiffened beneath the neat white shirt of her uniform. Ancient gods, save me from myself!


Then her wrist was free of his grasp again, and Cordelia leapt to her feet. The idea that Elturan had — even for the briefest of moments — sensed all that she felt for him was just too much. She skidded toward the cage door, sprinting for the safety of the library proper and her dorm room far beyond.


The cage door snapped shut before her as though shoved by invisible hands, and Cordelia slammed bodily into the metal gridwork, her last vestiges of sense drowning in panic. She spun around to find her companion on his feet, his right arm extended toward the door.


He pushed it. Cordelia spun her fingers, instinctively starting to conjure a protective sphere. He’s locked us in here together!


“That’s quite enough,” Elturan said firmly.


At the sound of his voice, Cordelia’s fingers froze as if bound by invisible ropes, and the conjuring growing between them instantly faded. Her limbs refused to respond as the Pentoshi man strode toward her, unhurried, until he loomed over her like a handsome gargoyle.

What the hell are you doing? Cordelia wanted to demand, but Elturan’s simple words had  rendered her incapable of speech. She mentally grasped at the glamour, desperately clinging to the protection spell even as it shimmered again, threatening to shatter like glass. Gods, I’m so fucked … how did I think I could hide from him? He’s such a better spellcaster than I am!


Elturan’s fingertips lifted her chin, tempting her to meet his ink-dark gaze. “This is what it means to control something, Cordelia,” he murmured. “This is what it feels like.” His gaze was inescapable, his eyes scorching her like onyx suns as he leaned closer. His intoxicating aroma filled her nose, and her knees trembled as she felt the warmth radiating from his body. “You have to know a thing intimately to control it with your mind. You have to crave it.”


He knotted his fingers in the hair at the nape of her neck, and for a moment Cordelia thought he was going to press his lips to hers — but he only tilted her head to the side, forcing her to bare his neck to him.


“What are you hiding from me?” Elturan murmured as he slid his stubbled jaw against Cordelia’s, nuzzling her like a grey wolf. His breaths coasted against her naked skin, and a strangled cry of longing tore itself from her lips as he unexpectedly loosed her tongue.


“You can’t force my thoughts,” Cordelia gasped, trying in vain to sound brave. Terror coursed through her like fire; she was completely at the alien man’s mercy, and it was suddenly as though he was trying to torture her. He never even noticed me before Professor Darcelsius’s class — what could he possibly want from me now?


Elturan chuckled quietly, pulling back far enough to meet Cordelia’s gaze again. “I might not have enough skill to control your thoughts, but I can read them.” He slipped his fingers free of her hair and stepped back, pointedly folding his muscular arms over his chest. His eyes crinkled like fjords; it was as though he was smirking at her. “Unbutton your blouse.”


Cordelia whimpered as her fingers leapt to obey his bidding, easily working the line of buttons open along the front of her torso. Why’s he doing this? Is trying to humiliate me?


Elturan’s dark eyes fixed hungrily on the slim window through the parted fabric, but his voice was cool as ever: “Take it off. Slowly.”


Cordelia dropped her gaze, mortified as her open shirt slipped from one shoulder, revealing the simple white corset beneath.


“Stop.” Elturan’s commanding tone made her freeze like a statue again, and he stepped closer, slipping one arm around her waist and drawing her close against the length of his body. The alien man nudged her shirt further aside with his free hand and traced the curve of her full breast, his skin dark and ashen against hers. “You cast a damn good glamour, Cordelia, but I still felt you.”


A sob cramped Cordelia’s throat, and her voice quavered — but she couldn’t tear her gaze from the Pentoshi man’s face. “And this is your way of getting back at me?”


“Getting back at you?” Elturan asked, his dark brow furrowing with bafflement. “For what?”


“For … liking you.” Cordelia shuddered as she spoke the words. They sounded so pale, weak like herself.


“Did you think it was a coincidence, us being assigned to work together?” Elturan’s dark eyes sparkled with mirth as he moved his fingers moved back to her leather bracer and tugged it free, dropping the cuff to the stone floor. He sighed with satisfaction as he lifted her wrist and pressed her Sourcemark against his temple.


The contact was electric: Cordelia’s back arched spasmodically as her mind was flooded with cravings not her own. Elturan. She could almost see his memories — nights spent thinking of how she’d feel against him, beneath him, around him. Nights spent studying eldritch books, learning how to control the body of another. And then, a day when Professor Darcelsius had been alone in his office, drawing up the list of study partners for the final examination.


All it took was a little nudge, Cordelia thought, astonished by the elegance with which he’d trapped her here.


“Your glamour was too good — I didn’t hear you for a long time,” Elturan growled somewhere beyond the sea of images. There was the moment, a year ago, when he’d been sitting in the library, the moment when her glamour had slipped for a moment. Not long, just long enough for him to sense me. 


She could see herself as he’d seen her: the fall of her hair covering her face, the self-conscious slump to her shoulders that invited onlookers to overlook her. She could feel his roused curiosity as he watched her disappear back into the stacks, could remember the precise way he’d stalked her back to her dorm that day, how he’d learned about her slowly over the ensuing weeks. How patient he’d been, awaiting the right moment to strike. 

He saw this. He wanted this, Cordelia thought dumbly. Elturan had manipulated everything, even Cordelia herself, to bring her here. He was even the one who suggested using the Restricted Section … a place where we wouldn’t be disturbed.


Then the images were gone and she was back to herself, Elturan’s face mere inches from hers again. He didn’t just want her, he needed her in some way her Terran mind couldn’t fathom — and from that brief glimpse into his mind, she knew his intentions.


Elturan’s fingers tightened on Cordelia’s wrist hard enough to redden her skin, and the arm that he’d wrapped around her waist slipped lower as he gathered her plaid skirt out of the way. His fingertips brushed the swell of her ass as he savagely pressed his lips to the inside of her wrist, kissing her Sourcemark.


The full force of his lust for her slammed into her mind like a rogue wave; longing flooded through Cordelia’s core like lava, and she ached for Elturan’s touch, even as sense reared up in a vain attempt to counter it.


“No … the Academy’s rules — we can’t!” Cordelia begged as he ripped her shirt from her shoulders. Her corset was scant protection against the library’s chill, and her skin stippled to gooseflesh at the sudden onslaught of cool air, but Elturan’s ravenous gaze set her body alight as he pulled her closer. The worst torment of all was the way she felt herself responding to him, pressing her body to his. “You know we mustn’t.”


He smirked down at her, his gaze more ancient than centuries. “So do you.”


Cordelia felt compelled to snap at him, but Elturan’s dark eyes flared with pleasure. He hooked one finger beneath the lacy trim of Cordelia’s panties, running along the curve of her ass, up along her vulnerable hip and down toward the apex of her thighs. She whimpered, but to her relief his invasion stopped just shy of her sex, and he snapped the fabric softly against her skin.


“Don’t you want me?” Elturan asked softly, his dark-star gaze burning her to the core. “I can’t promise I won’t break you, Cordelia … but I won’t abandon you, either.” He ran his thumb over her Sourcemark again — and then all Cordelia could see in the world was his eyes, compelling her to obey. “Offer yourself to me, if you want me to take you.”


“Fuck me,” she stammered, so softly she almost couldn’t hear the world herself. “Please.”


Suddenly Elturan’s mouth was crushing hers, his tongue forcing her mouth open, filling her with the mouthwatering taste of rainwater and sun-warmed stone. He yanked the bottom hem of her panties sharply, and she gasped into his lips as the fabric ground deliciously against her soaked quim.


“Cordelia,” he growled into her mouth, and she shivered with the force of his hunger for her.


He tore his mouth away and bent suddenly, sweeping Cordelia up in his embrace. Her skirt tangled against his forearm, and she could feel the cool, soft fabric of his shirt against her nearly-bare backside as he carried her away from the cage door. 


The corner of Elturan’s mouth quirked in a half-smile as he gazed down at her, and Cordelia didn’t realize how entranced she was until he set her down on the large, ornately carved reading table at the center of the cage. She’d always found the table to be curiously tall, but now she could see how its height might be advantageous.


Cordelia yelped as Elturan tugged her bent knees, drawing her flush against him at the edge of the table. She could feel his thick phallus through the fabric of his trousers, and he pressed against her, unyielding, as he drew one forefinger along the laces at the back of her corset. Light flickered behind her, and something warm lanced along her spine. A moment later she gasped as Elturan yanked the corset away, the laces flayed open from his searing spellwork.

Cordelia instinctively covered herself, but Elturan only shook his head, and her arms moved back to her sides, baring her body to him. He cupped her left breast, digging his fingernails into her exquisitely as he palmed the rosy peak of her nipple.


“You’ve no idea of how long I’ve wanted to do this,” he murmured as he caught her other breast in his free hand, caressing her roughly.


Cordelia gasped, overcome by the torrent of sensations, and she tried to wiggle away from Elturan — but he slipped one arm around her waist again, pinning her between his body and the table. He covered his mouth with hers again and probed her with his tongue, nipping her lower lip when she tried to turn away. His ravenous kiss made the muscles deep in her belly cramp with longing; she felt hollow, as though only he could save her from the terrible emptiness.


“Wrap your legs around me — and godsdammit, stop trying to run away.” He leveled his dark gaze at her as if trying to impress her with the seriousness of his words. “I’m going to have you, Cordelia. Even the ancient gods couldn’t save you from me now.”


A sigh of longing escaped Cordelia’s lips as she twined her legs around Elturan as he’d bid, and he slipped his hand beneath her skirt, yanking her panties aside to expose her dripping slit. It was humiliating how ready she was for him — but Elturan only growled with pleasure, and drove his fingers against her sex. She bucked her hips to meet him, responding instinctively, yelping as he slipped one finger inside her soaked pussy.


“You’ve never been taken by a man, have you?” he murmured, frowning as he pressed deeper into her and retreated in rhythmic waves. He slipped a second finger inside her and pushed again, testing her, his knuckles slipping wetly against her clit.


Cordelia could barely remember how to form words through the blissful storm that his touch provoked. “W-What does it matter to you?”


“I don’t want to hurt you more than I have to, pet.” He slowly extricated his finger from inside her and stepped back far enough to nudge her knees together. “Hold onto me.”


Cordelia obediently wrapped her arms around Elturan’s broad shoulders, and he lifted her far enough to drag her panties down over her hips, past her knees and over her leather boots before setting her back down. The only thing separating her from Elturan now was her flimsy plaid skirt — and he rucked it up over her hips as he pried her knees open and positioned himself between her thighs. The panties had been thin, but the hard ridge of Elturan’s cock was so much keener without them that Cordelia cried out as he strained against her.


There’s barely anything separating us, Cordelia thought dreamily as Elturan flexed his hips again, grinding her pussy lips open so she was bared to him completely. His erection throbbed against her swollen clit, and she writhed against him, lost in animal lust. Only his clothing now. 


Elturan laughed breathlessly into her skin, and he slipped his fingers along the sensitive line between her thighs and her ass, fingers tightening around her legs as he opened her more. He narrowed his gaze at Cordelia, and as her body trembled with each slow grind of his against her she tried not to think about how he was bound to devastate her. It was whispered in the dorms that Pentoshi men were far better-endowed than human men, and from the iron resistance of Elturan’s cock through his pants, Cordelia had no reason to think he was any exception.


She shivered with commingled longing and terror. He’s going to wreck me … and I think we’ll both be proud of it.


Elturan tugged his shirt over his head, dropping the garment aside, and the breath rushed out of Cordelia’s lungs as she stared at his angular, muscle-bound chest, like a live wire made flesh. No wonder he’s so strong… The last threads of her glamour were still holding fast, but he caught her hips and dragged her further back onto the table as though he’d heard her thought, pinning her body beneath his.


“Leave it,” Elturan growled, and Cordelia knew she meant the glamour. He wants me to be completely naked when he takes me, body and mind. She shook her head, pressing her lips together to hold back moans as Elturan forced himself against her again, slipping easily against her sex. “I meant it,” he rasped, digging into her even harder, taunting her as his lips skimmed her neck. “Surrender to me, Cordelia.”


She only meant to loosen her hold on the protective spell for a moment, but then it was suddenly scoured away. Her mind spun as some she-demon snarled within her, fully loosed.


Elturan’s eyes flared as the glamour vanished — and then he crushed her to him like a man possessed, his mouth devouring hers even as he fumbled with the button on the front of his trousers. His hand slid against the drenched length of her pussy as he unzipped his pants, and she gasped as his erection sprang free. His rock-hard cock pressed into her belly, the smooth line of his head digging into her just below her navel — and again she trembled, wondering how in the world she could convince her body to accept something so overwhelming.


“Are you going to cast a protection spell?” Cordelia whimpered as Elturan retreated just far enough to position himself at the edge of her soaked cleft, a hammer poised for the strike.


He nodded, his stubbled jaw savaging her cheekbone like sandpaper. The tip of his cock nudged against her quim, his hot flesh naked against hers, searing her. “Touch me.”


Cordelia could feel his will binding her, drawing her hand down between her own thighs to catch his length in her fingertips. The magical web buzzed against her skin like a current, and as she opened her mouth to speak, her voice skirled into a wanton cry as Elturan surged an inch deeper into her and retreated, teasing her.


Elturan’s grin was raw, savage with primal lust. “Now move your hand back, darling.” With a sudden tenderness that surprised her, he stroked her cheek with his thumb and pressed his mouth to hers. His tongue explored her mouth almost tenderly, and she found herself relaxing against the table’s lacquered wood, her thighs parting a few inches to admit him.


He drove into her slowly, as though savoring each millimeter of her virginity shattering around him — and Cordelia cried out gutturally as his cock split her open. He was somehow loving and violent all at once as he rent her, his stony girth unyielding. 

She squirmed around him, but he had her utterly; each throb of his shaft drew another moan from her lips, and he grazed her neck with his teeth as he retreated a moment, just long enough to renew his slow, deliberate assault.


Elturan strained into Cordelia even more than she thought she could hold, filling her so utterly that she could feel the muscles in her hips loosening beneath his advances. Finally he seemed to reach a point past which he couldn’t press any further, and he groaned with pleasure as he drew another sharp cry from Cordelia’s lips.


“You’re mine,” Elturan muttered into her skin. He withdrew from her gently, and tears of ecstasy sprang to her eyes as he thrust into her once more, pushing deep into her core. Cordelia found herself moving to meet him again as he twisted one of her nipples, and something pinched deep in her belly.


Still, though, there was more to his cock that she couldn’t take — and Elturan eased out of her until the head of his cock slipped against her clit, and she moaned with thwarted lust.


“You can’t hold all of me,” Elturan panted, his voice ragged with disappointment.

“No, please!” The cry burst out of her, overriding Elturan’s control. Gods, that felt so good!


He shook his head, slowly extricating himself from her embrace. “My people aren’t made to be gentle, Cordelia — we don’t make love, we fuck, and I don’t want to hurt you. I couldn’t forgive myself.”


A sudden wave of frustration and rage bloomed in Cordelia’s chest; it wasn’t fair, not after all this, not when it had felt like that. All she wanted was to feel him splitting her open again — and then, suddenly, it was as though she could feel Elturan’s hold on her. She could see through it to the chinks in his mind, and the word seemed to ring like a bell as it left her lips.




Elturan’s brow furrowed with confusion as he suddenly froze, his body no longer responding to his own will. Cordelia could feel every inch of him with her mind now; it was all so simple, she’d only had to push herself a little to find it. 


She gazed up at Elturan rapturously, savoring the shock in his dark gaze as he watched her, unable to move. Without tearing her eyes from his, she stroked his cock with both hands, her fingers slipping over her own slick along his length.


“Fuck me, Elturan,” Cordelia murmured, pouring every ounce of her longing for him into the words. “Hard.”


A moment after the command left her lips his weight pressed her down on the reading table again, his oblivion-dark eyes burning with satisfaction as he wrenched her slick thighs open and thrust into her cunt with brutal force. The pain was glorious, scourging her mind clean of any inhibitions or distractions, and Cordelia clung to Elturan, desperately meeting him in each fresh onslaught as he pounded her raw.


“This is how you want it, Earth girl — like you’re a Pentoshi woman?” Elturan grunted. The vibrating energy between them seemed to repolarize, binding Cordelia within the alien man’s will once again. He drove into her mercilessly, his very touch a punishment — but one that Cordelia couldn’t get enough of. If he keeps fucking me like this, he’ll make me cum!


Cordelia moaned in frustration as Elturan withdrew from her again, but he quickly scooped her up in his arms and spun her around, setting her down so that she was on her knees facing the tremendous stone pillar at the far end of the reading table. Her arms found their way foward, mindlessly bracing her body as Elturan knelt behind her and splayed her over his lap. One of his thumbs found its way to her clit, and swirled the roughened pad against her in harsh circles.


A scream ripped itself from Cordelia’s lips as Elturan sheathed himself in her pussy again, his thick shaft pumping deep in her belly. Something about the way her legs were bent seemed to frustrate him, and he tugged her ankles back to balance her on her knees, trapped and helpless between him and the stone pillar as he ravaged her, growling, his teeth grazing the nape of her neck.


Hot bliss was rising in Cordelia’s belly, threatening to spill over even before Elturan finished. She clenched the muscles in her quim, trying to hasten him along — and he groaned in response, driving into her more punishingly.


I can’t take any more, Cordelia thought as she teetered on the brink of oblivion — and she reached out with her mind again, ensconcing Elturan’s will within her grip. 


“Cum inside me,” she groaned harshly, barely able to hold onto sense. “Elturan, I need you, cum in me now!


The Pentoshi man cried out wordlessly and stiffened — and as his cock throbbed spasmodically inside her, Cordelia lost herself in the waves of pleasure, coming apart. She shuddered anew as his hot cum flooded deep in her belly, and she squirmed, moaning, as he thumbed her clit again, making her clench around him in ecstatic response.


Cordelia sank back against Elturan as he cradled her against him, still impaled on his implacable phallus. His essence trickled out of her and flooded her thighs, stained pink with her maidenblood, but she reveled in it. It was Elturan’s cum, after all, and she adored everything about him.


I’m not a virgin anymore, she thought, pleased beyond words as he caressed her naked body. Her skirt had ridden up around her waist, and she used it to wipe away more of Elturan’s essence as he slowly extricated himself from her devastated pussy.


The alien man regarded Cordelia’s ruined skirt awkwardly as he refastened his pants. “Allow me.” 


He swirled his fingers, and her skirt glowed for a moment; as the cleansing spell faded, she smoothed the skirt back into place.


“Thank you,” Cordelia murmured, smiling despite her embarrassment. She wordlessly repaired the torn laces of her corset and refastened it as Elturan pulled his shirt back on, and when she’d finished, she looked up to find him frowning wistfully at her. “What?”


He winked roguishly. “Just looking forward to taking that off you again.”


Cordelia bit back a smile, suddenly shy. Everything between her legs and deep into her belly ached, but it was a sweet pain, the kind she didn’t want to forget anytime soon. “So you think that’ll happen again, do you?”


“By all the old ways, you’re mine, Cordelia, now and forever.” Elturan caught her in an iron embrace again — and this time she wasn’t afraid to meet his onyx gaze. His raven-dark hair cascaded over his forehead as he regarded her carefully. “How do you feel about that? Being claimed by someone like me?”


She could feel his will nudging at her — but it was desire, not compulsion, that made Cordelia slip her arms around Elturan’s neck.


The Pentoshi man grinned, and then his mouth was covering hers again, possessing her completely. The snarling of lust roared deep in her belly, but it quieted as Elturan suddenly pulled back once again, his dark brows knitted as he stared at something on the other side of the Restricted Sectioni.


“What is it?” Cordelia started to ask — but then she saw the closed cage door, and the words froze on her tongue like snowflakes.


“Oh,” Elturan muttered, abashed, a dark flush creeping up his neck as he stared at the cage. Opening the door from without with the House keys was one thing; opening them from within wasn’t something Cordelia was sure was even possible. “I suppose we can throw a glamour up and sneak out when someone opens the door in the morning…”


“I suppose,” Cordelia agreed. Elturan was evidently as handsome utterly flustered as he was any other time — and she couldn’t hold back a peal of laughter as he dragged his fingers through his dark hair, at his wit’s end.


He regarded her dryly. “You find this amusing?”


“Just wondering what we could possibly do for all those hours until dawn,” Cordelia mused, blinking innocently at her alien lover. 


A mischievous grin stole over Elturan’s grey face, and he slipped his arms around Cordelia’s waist, pulling her close again. “I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to pass the time.”