All of these stories are free for the enjoyment of readers age 18+, and are F/M unless otherwise stated.

Sanctuary's Price

Short story | smut

TW: loss of virginity, power imbalance, masochism, abo elements 

Roxxi is on the run with a lawman hot on her heels.

Jyn has a place to stay — but on terraformed Titan, nothing comes free.


Short story | smut

TW: loss of virginity, mind control, consensual nonconsent (cnc)

Cordelia's crush on otherworldly Elturan is distracting her from her studies - but when a twist of fate brings them together in the Restricted Section, her future at Shadowhill Academy is put to the test.

03 The Soap Man - 5x8.jpg

Short story | smut

TW: loss of virginity

Emony, a maid on a terraformed Ganymede, has never been with a man.

One night with Pollux, a prostitute in Coptos City's soapland, will change that.

A Devotion to the Dark Sun Goddess

Short story | smut

TW: BDSm, power imbalance, mind control

Space miner Kader Zayn has impure urges to confess.

Astrid, priestess of the Dark Sun Goddess, is ready to hear his confession -- and accept his devotion.

The Grey Wedding

Short story | smut

TW: BDSm, power imbalance, mind control, loss of virginity

Auriel Starbranch, Warrior of Light, has a decision to make. Whether to walk a path free of temptation ... or to succumb to Kyroth Dune, a master of the Order of Shadows and her sworn enemy.

Her choice will decide the fate of the universe.

Tech Support

Short story | smut

TW: BDSm, simulated home invasion, drug & knife play, loss of virginity

College student Odette is happy to leave her family's repressive morals at home when she moves to the city. Only here can she find what she's looking for: a man who can hurt her in all the right ways.


One who she can pay to help her indulge in some simulated dubcon fun.